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Our Challenge

 Making Change Possible

By 2018, we aim to have implemented:

The Growth of 750 businesses

This will lead to sustained economic growth of $5.6M USD across our portfolio of small – medium enterprises

Fair and Inclusive Economies

300,000 people will be positively impacted through inclusion in the supply chains of the businesses we support

A Generation of Active Citizens

A network of 1500 enthusiastic and empowered talented young people hungry to make the world a better to place

What You Can Do

You can take part in changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout Africa


UK Government Funded ICS placements to support growing businesses in Ghana, Uganda and Zambia


Receive accredited training to help you give your business the support they need


Receive ongoing support to positively impact your own community and improve your career prospects

Challenges Worldwide ICS

The Challenges Worldwide ICS Programme offers young people the opportunity to play a key role in delivering sustainable development projects. Our volunteers deliver support to growing enterprises in Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia to ensure that everyone can earn a decent living. 

We believes that building a strong economy is the most effective and sustainable way to addressing poverty.  We support business growth in a range of small to medium sized enterprises. This has a direct impact on down suppliers such as small-scale farmers and women-owned cottage industries who are dependent upon outlets for their goods.  This pro-poor company growth also creates employment and a secure income for individuals living in the urban area. Earning your own income is the first step towards reducing reliance on external aid and more sustainable development.

If you are interested in joining Challenges Worldwide ICS please follow the link below!



Our programme is funded by the UK Government, so you don’t need cash to take part!


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