We believe in a world where everyone has access to good quality income opportunities, driven by fair and inclusive economies working within a connected global value chain.


 We scale the ability of individual enterprises to contribute to connected value chains by: 

Empowering the people who start and run them

Upskilling and accrediting the people who work for them

Connecting trade and investment organisations to them



Social Enterprise The Challenges Group and Charity, Challenges Worldwide use cloud based platforms to connect enterprises in emerging economies to the people and communities who want to make change happen, scaling the ability of individual enterprises to contribute to connected value chains.

Our hybrid approach spreads the cost of technical assistance and investment among different market, development and investment stakeholders while at the same time creating access to commercial opportunity.

We use our implementation toolkit to ensure our values and actions stay connected:

A Challenges lens

creates clarity of vision for enterprises, corporations, markets and investors, helping them map the pathways to connection and investment. This showcases what can be achieved and highlights the skills needed to turn contacts into contracts.

Challenges tools

Allow businesses to create live reporting data which they themselves use to manage their enterprises on a monthly basis. By setting indicators based on the value chains and investment opportunities they can see through Challenges technology, enterprises themselves become the driving force of this ecosystem. Trade and investment stakeholders are therefore able to create connections based on being able to track actual progress – saving time, money and hassle.

Challenges people

Connect and deploy more effectively because all individual enterprise interaction is stored within our technology. A picture is built up by tracking the impact particular personal achievement can have on enterprise growth over time. This sustained understanding allows appropriate human  capital to be deployed where and when it is most needed.

How they work

The Challenges Group (CG) – the new marketplace for enterprise access

 The Challenges Group is a social enterprise that has created a new marketplace for enterprise access by providing an online platform for shareable business performance reporting and analysis. This is coupled with e-learning and cloud-based project management tools.

The essential innovation of this Challenges Group technology is that it offers a gateway between individual enterprises and the global value chain, represented by trade partners, investors and enterprises themselves. Inclusive value chains offer a path to economic development, as they represent the “glue” between national infrastructure, communities and companies.


This Challenges digital frontline infrastructure consists of Challenges College, an E-learning platform with accredited learning resources and Challenges Marketplace, a cloud based business reporting platform.

Challenges Worldwide (CW) – making communities matter

 Challenges Worldwide is a development charity with a skills and education focus. By working with entrepreneurs and enterprises we believe that we can make volunteering, internships and on the job vocational training more accessible and more relevant.

 By giving an individual the opportunity to build their own relevance and capacity in the market over time, we create better employees and entrepreneurs. At the same time, we are creating a community which helps active citizens evolve into a force for tackling poverty.

This targeted approach to skills building allows us to achieve more, both in terms  of enterprise support and the wider inclusion, employment and entrepreneurship agendas – with a focus on youth and gender.


 CG:(Country) – turning local need into global opportunities

 Challenges in country delivery arms, CG:(Country), enable enterprises to becoming data- driven decision makers who are able to create sustainable, commercial revenue streams for the consumers, communities and organisations they serve.

They do this by operating as local sales and marketing operations, sharing the innovative processes and tools of Worldwide and Group in a way that is tailored to local needs. This approach of constantly identifying need and signposting opportunity from within regional and international markets, creates a coherent operating model that is able to deliver relevant information and support to the whole value chain from a local perspective.