We currently work directly with businesses in Accra (the capital) and Kumasi (the garden city).

We are also working with our partner ICS agency, International Service to deliver enterprise support in Tamale. 


The Businesses we work with

Ele Agbe Company Limited

Ele Agbe is a Ghanian phrase meaning “God is alive.” Founded in Ghana in 1996, Ele Agbe Company has made its name in ornamental beads, original jewelry designs and handmade home decor. In 1999, Ele Agbe added handcrafted shea butter cosmetics to its product line and began exporting worldwide.

Ele Agbe employs some 50 artisans, all young adults and most of them women. The organization also offers training programs for under-educated youth. Ele Agbe’s artisans use traditional Ghanaian tools and methods, and the highest quality materials available, including one-of-a-kind beads and unique scents. At Ele Agbe, artisans pass on their skills to younger generations, conducting workshops for school groups and accepting apprentices from throughout Ghana. 

Creating Value

Ele Agbe creates value through providing training and employment for women and young people in rural parts of Ghana. The shea butter is sourced from a women’s co-operative near Tamale.

Ele Agbe’s products are fairtrade and organic (though not yet certified as such). The packaging is recycled, and the jewellery is also made of recycled glass beads.

Key Challenge

The business was facing a number of challenges, including:

  • Lack of power in the office location;
  • Poor online presence;
  • Out of date marketing materials;
  • Lack of marketing role;
  • Unclear financial processes in terms of insights.



Recommendation 1: Improvement of the business’ online presence

Action: Ele Agbe Co. Ltd. has a website and a Facebook page, but it needed to improve them in order to increase its reach, brand awareness, and market share.

  • Provide guidance on how to utilise the company facebook page to increase reach and brand awareness
  • Update the website
  • Develop a comms plan to drive online engagement in the months preceding relaunch of the website

Recommendation 2: Expansion of market share

Action: In order to grow, Ele Agbe Co. Ltd. needs to establish a wider network of buyers.

  • Our volunteers put together two pitch decks- one for investors, one for potential buyers.

Recommendation 3: Improvement of Ele Agbe Co. Ltd.’s financial processes

Action: Good financial records are kept, but these figures do not feed into business decisions.

  • Set the business up on Challenges Marketplace so that they can build a financial history that can be viewed by external investors and buyers. 

Recommendation 4: Improvement of marketing materials

Action: Aside from digital marketing, Ele Agbe Co. Ltd. also had an out of date brochure. Our volunteers helped to put together a new brochure.

Recommendation 5: Clarification of organisational structure

Action: Currently, job roles are not clear-cut and no one has responsibility for marketing. We put together a role description for a new marketing officer.


After spending 12 weeks working with our ICS volunteers Ele Agbe will continue to be supported by our Portfolio Managers working with CG:Ghana as they work towards reaching their goals.

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