ASC and Challenges in Green Economy

The role of Assist Social Capital and Challenges Group Ghana in Green Economy

The ‘green economy’ has an increasingly important role to play in the future of many countries, and Ghana is not different. This is why Assist Social Capital and Challenges’ role in providing financial management training for beneficiaries of the Green Economy project on the edge of Bia Bioshpere Reserve in Western Region is imperative. On 27th of March, 2018, Challenges’ Benjamin Res Esanti and Michael ‘Meeki’ Adu facilitated a full morning training on financial management and best business practices to beneficiaries in Kunkumso, Bia.

Bia: Beneficiaries taking notes

The training was very interactive and engaging and was attended by high profile personalities from the region, including the Queen Mother of Asuopiri – Nana Abena Attaah – and the former District Chief Executive (DCE) of Bia West District – Hon. Alexander Ofori.

Thank you very much Challenges Ghana and Assist Social Capital for organising this training, we will not only apply this in our Beekeeping business but also in our other endeavours especially our cocoa farming.
– Hon. Alexander Ofori (former DCE- Bia West District)

The beneficiary communities of the Green Economy project at the Bia Biosphere Reserve produce four products – honey, mushrooms, snails and palm oil. Their production is designed to support economic livelihoods whilst protecting the biosphere reserve. However selling to bulk purchasers is difficult as they had not managed to established trade linkages or partnership agreements with institutions and individuals to market their products. Successfully, Assist Social Capital (ASC) and Challenges have been able to connect the beekeepers to Bright Amoah Antwi (CEO of Ecocycle Ghana Limited) and Emmanuel (CEO of Firm Nut Limited), the snail farmers to Bantama market women and Golden Beam Hotel, the mushroom farmers to Mr. Asante Ohene (CEO of Tropical African Mushroom) and palm oil farmers to the market women of Kumasi Central Market. This achievement will not only ensure consistent and constant market for the beneficiaries but also increase the revenue generation of these farmer associations. Not forgetting the opportunity it gives them to expand their businesses by procuring more facilities and adopting modern mechanisms to enhance efficient production.

Bia: Meeki, Bejamin and Beneficiaries after trainingBusiness cases for all the four products have been developed. They encapsulate the pros and cons of the business side of all the products. This is excellent as the Associations have a fair idea about what sits for them if they put their house together and approach their endeavours with a purely business mind.

Assist Social Capital and Challenges Worldwide have demonstrated their commitment to progress towards the SDGs in diverse ways by using social capital and business improvement services respectively to deal with complex challenges.

Michael 'Meeki' AduWritten by:

Michael ‘Meeki’ Adu
Enterprise Associate
Challenges Group Ghana