Moving to Accra : Assumptions vs. Realities

Are you considering spending time living and working abroad?  You might have lots of questions, perhaps you have some assumptions about what your destination will be like!  Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associate Sophie Bizley gives us a run down on her assumptions versus the realities of spending 3 months living and working in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

Dreading the food? Confused about host homes? We’ve all been there! Pre-placement is one big wondering assumption. Do not fear. The assumption breaker is here.

Assumption:  I won’t like the food

Reality: This is silly – you will find stuff you like and it most likely won’t include Banku and Okra soup (just saying) but who doesn’t like eating rice?


Assumption: I can kiss goodbye to my home comforts

Reality: You can buy everything. Yup, even Earl Grey tea! Just be prepared to pay 5 x the price. £7 for Nutella is worth it though right?


Assumption: I’m scared my host home won’t be secure

Reality: Barbed wire fences, Steel gates, Barred windows and HUGE padlocks – you’ll be fine. Stop worrying!


Assumption: I must cover up from head to toe

Reality: I’m sitting in shorts and strap top as I’m writing this


Assumption: Language barriers make communication difficult

Reality: Some Ghanaians speak English better than me. We all know the English are lazy at learning a second language


Assumption: If I stay low-key no one will notice me

Couldn’t have asked for two better superstars to work with 🍍#NJWF #accra #ghana @nativejuicegh

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Reality: Oburoni


Assumption: How could it possibly take 3 hours to get to work?

Reality: Trotros – a mode of transport, which stops every 30 seconds to squeeze more people on. Yup – 3 kids to a seat? Sure.


Assumption: It can’t be that hot, surely?

heat wave in the city and hand showing thermometer for high temperature

Reality: 40 °C, no air-con, sweating 10 seconds after shower


Assumption: Packing sports kit will be great – I can go running

You’ll do it once, realise it is like a trillion degrees & lie under the fan praying for rain.


Assumption: Timekeeping will be a challenge

Reality: Time? What is time?


Would you like to spend 3 months living and working in an African city?  Challenges Worldwide have fully funded placements for 18 – 25-year-olds to work as a Business Support Associate in one of 5 cities across Sub-Saharan Africa.  Apply by 15th July to be overseas by September.

Written by Sophie Bizley of team Accra