Respected ICS partner Progressio closes after 75 years

Last month, respected charity Progressio announced it’s closure and subsequent departure from ICS.

Over the past few years Challenges Worldwide have enjoyed a healthy relationship with Progressio as partners delivering the ICS programme for VSO and DFID.  Progressio’s 75 years of experience supporting poor and marginalised people, especially women, to empower themselves was vital in helping Challenges Worldwide and ICS shape their desire to bring about poverty alleviation through sustainable enterprise development.

In fact Progressio’s ability to develop young leader has benefitted Challenges Worldwide and ICS tremendously. We currently have two ex Progressio ICS volunteers working on our own ICS programme. Here, Nicola and Amelia thank Progressio for giving them the opportunity to develop their skills for a career in International Development by taking part in overseas placements in El Salvador.

Nicola Smith

Age: 26

Where: Nuevo Gualcho, El Salvador

Current role: ICS Programme Manager, Uganda

I completed an ICS placement with Progressio as a volunteer from March-June 2014, and then as a Team Leader from July-December 2014. My ICS placement with Progressio gave me the chance to see the power youth can have within the development industry.  The Team Leader placement allowed me to develop my leadership and project management skills  and equipped me with the necessary skills to work with Challenges Worldwide ICS.


Amelia Hunt

Age: 24

Where: Nuevo Gualcho, El Salvador

Current role: Challenges Worldwide ICS Assessment and Partnerships Coordinator

I went away as an ICS volunteer with Progressio from October-December 2014 to El Salvador. My Progressio placement allowed me to build connections with a diverse range of people and provided me with the self-confidence and people skills to interact with ICS candidates and partners within my role at Challenges Worldwide. I am incredibly thankful for the educational and professional opportunities that have opened up to me thanks to my involvement with Progressio ICS.


It is sad to see a fellow development charity close its doors, ICS will still continue to work with young people to deliver sustainable development impact and thanks to your teachings Nicola and Amelia are well equipped to help our future volunteers grow in to the young professionals and active citizens that will be successful in reducing inequality and bringing an end to absolute poverty.


You can still apply to take part in the ICS programme with ourselves or our partner agencies by clicking visiting