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Action @ Home


Your ICS journey doesn’t suddenly stop when you complete your placement overseas.

You’ll doubtless be inspired by your experiences and motivated to act on the issues you care about. We’ll encourage you to take part in at least one project that benefits your local community or seeks to bring about positive social change – and support you all the way. This is called Action at Home.

There are lots of possibilities. For example, you might organise an event to share your stories and experiences of international development, work with school or college students, get involved with volunteering in your local community or lobby your MP about one of the issues raised by your placement.

Alternatively, you could join an existing project with its roots in a cause you’re passionate about.

We’ll give you all the support and advice you need to succeed. You can download guides, templates and other materials on our resources page.


Submit your Action at Home

Active citizenship

Action at Home is an essential part of ICS and every volunteer must complete at least one project within six months of returning home.

It’s your chance to carry on making a difference, engaging people in building stronger societies and tackling poverty – and to mark a beginning to your life of active citizenship.

It’s also a chance to develop more skills that will look great on your CV.


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