Challenges Worldwide Visit Radio Universe

The Challenge

In a cosmopolitan city like Accra, city dwellers often satisfy their quest for news and daily trends by listening to the radio; while in the shower, while taking breakfast or while stuck in traffic on the way to work. With the multiplicity of radio stations in Ghana, one doesn’t have to go through much stress finding a suitable frequency. In fact, it seems wherever one tunes to has one show or another going on each morning.

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Having noticed this potential exposure to a mass audience, the Communications Committee thought it a great chance to showcase the opportunities available to youth and enterprises to a bigger part of the population.
For other NGOs, getting on the radio is a recipe to flaunt their achievements but for Challenges Worldwide, we sought an opportunity to widen our scope of impact, reaching out to people whose lives we can influence but haven’t yet because of our restrained reach.


Listen to the recording of the show

The Radio Show

At 7.30am on Monday, representatives of the committee were at the studio of Radio Universe, the official radio station of the University of Ghana with a great coverage and reach to a lot of young people in the metropolis.

The discussion was a ten-minute session as part of the daily morning show which was strategic because nobody misses the morning shows in Ghana. We started off by introducing ourselves and the organization Challenges Worldwide. We talked about businesses we work with and how the programme impacts their growth and development. Emmanuel, who is part of the committee elaborated on his business and the role he and his counterpart are playing to bolster growth and the progress they’ve made so far.
Jack got to talk about his experience as a UK volunteer, working in a different environment, the challenges and benefits of cross-cultural interaction and his enthusiasm to champion change in a fledging business that needs his help.

Challenge yourself to change your world

We went through the processes of becoming a part of the programme as either a volunteer or Team Leader and also how enterprises could get involved. Particularly, we emphasized the role of Challenges Worldwide in building a more productive young workforce which would play an active role in building the nation and the economy through empowering businesses. We summed up the talk by inviting listeners to be part of the programme through all our media platforms.


It was a wonderful time sharing our beliefs, introspection into the impact we’ve made and improvements of our lives these few weeks. We’re changing the world!