Emmanuel – Seladels food limited

The ICS journey so far I would say has been an experience. Learning new things, meeting different people, building new skills and improving on my confidence level and finally making an impact is in the surely in the process.

The UKV’s arrived and I was paired with Hannah. We were assigned to work with SELADELS FOOD LIMITED. We were so nervous and eager at the same time to work with the enterprise. Finally we  got to know much about this enterprise one  Tuesday morning as we started our first day working with them.

SELADELS FOOD LIMITED is a medium enterprise located in Afienya comm. 25. Their main core business aim is to produce quality and healthy fish and meat locally to meet international standards. They have been operating for 14 years and currently has a staff population of 23. Luckily for Seladels, they have over the years built a great relationships between them and their customers and that has made them currently having a ready market for their products.

Currently they supply major supermarkets and shopping malls like, Melcom, Shoprite, Game, Max mart, Koala, shop n save, sunshine with quality meat and fish.

They have also attached a rubber and plastic processing to provide polythene bags to customers.

A talk with the director of the company Mr. Worla revealed to us the insight he has for the enterprise. He seemed to have so much knowledge in food and hospitality which explains why the company keeps expanding as the years go by. He made us understand he doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to business since he is ready to satisfy customers with the kind quality they want. He simply doesn’t insist on standards.

He has a great working relationship with his employers and has even provided accommodation to the workers in order to be close to the enterprise which I think is really motivating. Hannah and I spoke with some of the workers at Seladels and they were really happy working with seladels.

Seladels has plans to expand their capacity and stretch out to the regions and have started researching and planning towards it. They also plan on serving their customers with different products within the food scope which is currently in high demand. The director is very enthusiastic optimistic about his business and really hopes to expand his business and to “dance with the gorilla’s” as he normally says.

One thing I was impressed with was that he get 90% of their raw materials locally which boost local economy.

Hannah and I are barely 2 weeks old in this enterprise. We are still gathering information by observing, conversations with the manager and some workers, market surveys, online findings and more. We think the company is on track because they know what they are doing. We hope to be part of this group by bringing fresh ideas to the table and making  recommendations that will make an impact in the long run.

We hope to create a great relationship between us and the director and workers. My counterpart and believe a journey to make a great impact has started and we hope to complete it with time.