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CMI Level 5 in Professional Consulting


The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the only professional body in the field of management and leadership in the UK. As such, their qualifications are internationally recognised and valued highly by employers. Through undertaking a qualification you will have the opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills, increasing your employability in the long term.

We hopes that by embedding the learning into your placement it will help both your ability to deliver a successful outcome on your project , as well as supporting your personal and professional development. In addition you will have the opportunity towards the end of your placement to complete the assignment and receive a qualification.

We currently offer Level 5 qualifications in Professional Consulting. These are aimed at people who are aspiring to become a consultant or manager.

The qualification is available in 3 levels:


Learners must complete one unit to a minimum of 7 credits


Learners must complete two units to a minimum of 13 credits


Learners must complete all mandatory units to a minimum of 43 credits

The two units offered as part of the certificate are

5030: Planning and Managing Consultancy Interventions

This unit is based upon the Consulting Cycle. You will develop an understanding of how to plan and manage a consultancy intervention using several tools and project management techniques. By the end of the unit you should be able to successfully conduct and conclude a consultancy intervention.

5032: The Client Relationship

This unit is focused upon the client/consultant relationship and teaches you how to develop this relationship in a positive way. By doing so you should be able to structure your approach in a way that will gain the trust of the client.

For the diploma we also offer

  • 5033: Communication for consultants
  • 5034: Problem solving and techniques for consultants
  • 5009: Project development and control
  • 6003: Planning a change process

“Employers are looking for someone who when given a task, can execute it thoroughly. I believe that I can handle any organisational task, either formal or informal and I will be able to lay out a plan for it. From the risk assessment involved to the way the task is to unfold. CMI is very relevant, irregardless of what profession you want to take up in the future. It also sets one apart from someone who has the same degree, it gives you the upper hand.” CWICS Volunteer, September 2015


Benefits of CMI Membership

As part of this qualification you will gain access to CMI’s Management Direct service. This online learning portal includes access to thousand of resources including publications, e-learning, videos, and checklists.



We provide access to all the content you need through Challenges College, our online learning platform. There is a ‘slide pack’ for each unit, which provide the theoretical information required for the certificate, alongside over 900 resources to support your learning.

If you wish to obtain the qualification you will receive an assignment for each unit. These assignments will allow you to demonstrate your understanding through examples of how you have practically applied the tools and theory in work or other projects.


 Our ICS volunteers are able to receive their qualification at an exclusive Challenges Worldwide ICS Volunteer rate which is up to 75% less than other providers in the market.  

To register your interest in our qualifications please send an email to

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