What I learnt as a Business Support Associate?

Before joining the Challenges Worldwide ICS program as a Business Support Associate, I was a student in Business Information and Technology at UTB (University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies) straight after school, I wanted to acquire skills that will help me to compete with the job market, that’s where I got a chance to know Challenges Worldwide through an online advert. 

During my placement, I worked with a company called Farm Fresh, a company that is dedicated to producing and distributing premium food in East Africa. Farm Fresh were generating a high social impact because the company was buying beans from local cooperatives. 

My counterpart, Jordan, and I mostly focused on project developments, financial projections, sales and marketing strategies where we managed to come up recommendations and had time to implement those changes. I would say I learnt a lot of skills during Challenges Worldwide ICS placement due to the extensive training we have got, as a result I recently I have been employed by a car company called EUROPCAR LTD as an accounting manager. EUROPCAR LTD is one of the biggest companies that deal with car rentals here in Rwanda.  

Having a chance to have worked at Farms Fresh under the Challenges programme has changed my way of looking at businesses. Before I was looking at them based only on how successful they were, rather than their supply chains, how to reduce costs, where to market their products, the holistic picture, and their social impact. 

Working with young people from the UK has also allowed me to get new perspectives on how people live and how people behave. 

In a few months I am planning to pursue a CMI certificate in Professional Consulting. I plan to be a consultant in the near future and work closely with start-up business here Kigali, so this accreditation will help to meet my goals.

Writte by Javier Mugisha,

Business Support Associate, Kigali, Rwanda – 2017