Meet the Enterprises Rwanda, Spring 2017

We have had a team of Business Support Associates working to support enterprises across Kigali (the capital city of Rwanda) since March.  Here are the exciting businesses that we hope to take from investment readiness to investment worthiness.

Farm Fresh

Business Support Associates, Jordan and Janvier at their enterprise Farm Fresh in Kigali, Rwanda

The FarmFresh Food Company is dedicated to producing and distributing premium foods to the East African market. At present, FarmFresh’s product offering is cooked beans namely ‘Mixed beans’ and ‘High iron beans’. Farmfresh products feature high-quality ingredients grown by Rwandan smallholder farmers. Alongside the manager, Christian Heremans, Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates, Jordan and Janvier, are exploring possible product development, market expansion and ways to further establish the product on the market. Having only been operating for one year, this enterprise is looking very promising for the future.


Green Harvest

Green Harvest Challenges Worldwide Rwanda

Green Harvest Products is a home grown small food processing business, producing their products in Kigali using Rwandan ingredients. Their brand identity is reinforced by their brand name ‘Sabana’ which means ‘sociable’. Currently, they make chilli oil, two chilli sauces- the only ones made in Rwanda- as well as a Sabana Ketchup.  Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates Jamie and Patrick will be helping in key areas such as sales and marketing and trade/export links.

Kigali Farms

Kigali Farms works to help fight chronic malnutrition by providing the foundation of a sound mushroom industry, allowing mushrooms to become a meaningful part of the Rwandan diet.  Kigali Farms is the sole button mushroom producer in Rwanda and the largest and most modern in the region.  Kigali Farms also produces Oyster mushrooms, where they focus on generating a high social impact with the sale of button mushroom producer in Rwanda and the largest and most modern in the region.  Kigali Farms also produces oyster mushrooms, where they focus on generating a high social impact with the sale of substrate to local growers. Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates, Caitlin and Emmanuel will analyse the company’s barriers to growth and help them to expand their market share, both domestic and foreign.

Data Systems

Data Systems is a leading Software Development Company in Rwanda which is devoted to assisting with all possible solutions to customers to maximise their success. Our intent is to become a constant leader with innovative technologies, products and services that customers can depend on to improve business results. If you are looking for an innovative company that deals with technology, Data Systems is your perfect solution. We make customer’s problems our problem. By solving their problems and needs, we create a partnership.


RFCC is a social enterprise specialized in roasting, grinding and packing specialty 100% Arabica Bourbon; under the brand name “Gorilla’s Coffee”.  The company strives to work towards the ‘Beyond Fair Trade Model’, where the farmers cooperatives receive a premium price for the green beans, while dividends will be reinvested into the development of the coffee sector in Rwanda and support the social development of coffee farmers.


Safe Motos

SafeMotos is the localised ‘uber’ of Moto taxis within the Kigali area. They have developed an app which allows users to effortlessly hail a moto using their GPS location. SafeMotos offers the user a set price for the journey with the option to pay by card or cash and the ability to review their driver. Key safety statistics are taken from drivers smartphones to show acceleration and deceleration speeds and through the use of an insurance style algorithm, they give their drivers a safety rating. This ensures that only the safest drivers are matched with SafeMoto customers. Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates, Bruce Morrice and Kenneth Nabimanya, are working on refining the strategy of the business and future expansions into other East African markets.

Security World Technology Ltd

Head by a feamle Managing Director, Jenipher Ingabire, and a majority women workforce, Security World Technology Rwanda supply government institutions, businesses, installers and residential homes with high-quality security products. Amongst their product range is Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems, Firefighting Equipment, Metal Detectors, Cables, Accessories and more. They are aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility hence empower women and the young by seeking these groups out for training and employment opportunities. Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates, Maya Stephenson and Vicky Nakure, are developing a clear organisational strategy and marketing plan to improve their competitiveness in the market.


Our Business Support Associates are now half way through their 12-week voluntary placement in these exciting enterprises.  Through the UK Government funded Challenges Worldwide ICS programme it is our hope that they will be able to spot opportunities and make recommendations to the business owners that will help them grow their business over the long term.

Check back for more blogs from our team working with SMEs in Rwanda