Meet the Enterprises Lusaka, Spring 2017

We have had a team of Business Support Associates working to support enterprises across Lusaka since late February.  Here are the exciting businesses that we hope to take from investment readiness to investment worthiness.


The University of Africa, located in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, is addressing the rising need for distance and online learning in Zambia.

Dr Tobias Doyer is the vice chancellor who has been in charge of the university for three years now.  Running for over 9 years with 2000 students and growing, University of Africa opened it arms to Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates, Birra Tembo, Masuzyo Goma, and Stephen Richards to help with itsgoal of providing better services to the students and been able to provide e-learning across Africa.



ZAMBIKE manufactures, assembles and distributes high-quality bicycles across Lusaka. They also provide bicycle ambulances and cargo bicycle trailers to the underprivileged so that they can be empowered to start their own business.

With the help of the Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates Lewis and Lorraine, the company is trying to find any way they can improve and expand their current supply of bicycles.



Wanzana is a juice processing company that has been operating for 10 years. Managed by Mukupo Sichula, cordial drinks are their main product. The company has Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates Shivangi Trivedi and Lute Phiri to help them expand both its market share and production.


Solarquest is one of the major providers of solar power equipment in Zambia. They are tackling the long-running power cuts that are rife across Zambia. They have been running for two years now and are looking to expand with the support of Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates Natalie Cheung and Obed Katukula.


Established in 2005, MUHANYA SOLAR LIMITED is one of Zambia’s oldest solar production companies.  The company focuses on providing clean energy to the public at an affordable price.  MUHANYA SOLAR LIMITED have welcomed Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates Angela and Cephus to support them in their mission to provide clean energy products across Zambia.


Live clean is a unique enterprise in the Zambian market.  Established in 2015 by Mwila Lwando, Live Clean provide environmentally friendly sanitation services to the public.  Live Clean turn shipment containers into bathrooms and toilets and then recycle the collected waste so that it can be turned into biomass energy.  Live Cleans toilets and bathrooms are able to run off of this biofuel to ensure they run efficiently. Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates Else and Goodson are supporting Live Clean to expand their market base from Lusaka to the rest of the country.


Umoyo is Zambia’s leading supplier of natural health products such as medicines, food,  and cosmetics. The company has been in business since 2007 and is managed by Kim Otteby a natural health specialist.

Despite having very good products Umoyo has been experiencing some challenges and has welcomed Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates Mwaba and Brooke to evaluate their activities and determine what their barriers to growth are.


Tapera is a company in Zambia that produces its products from recycled vegetable oil. they make soap, Biodiesel fuel, and combine vegetable oil with Jatropha seed to make Jatropha high protein animal feed.  Since its launch in 2009, Tapera has processed over 150,000 litres of vegetable oil. Business Support Associates Rebecca Wood, Mwaba Kapompole Elise O’Dwyer supporting Tapera to grow their business.


Zamgoat is the only butchery in Lusaka that is focused on goat meat.  The business has been in operation since 2015 and over the years they have supplied the people of Lusaka with goat meat, goat sausage, and goat intestine.

In the last few years, the business has suffered some major losses and thus Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates, Chris Cain and Mzeziti Mwanza have come in to observe the day to day operations and how they are affecting Zamgoats turnover.  Through the Challenges Worldwide ICS programme, Mzeziti and Chris will provide short terms recommendation to help the business to get back on its feet.


ID Solar Solutions are trying to help Zambians switch from dependence on the unreliable national grid for power to having they own source of power in the form of a microgrid

Established in 2015 and has been providing solar batteries, solar panels and solar converters to Zambian homes. With the support of Challenges Worldwide Business Support Associates, Matthew, Felistus, Thema and Beth, the are working on plans for expansion from one manufacturing plant in Lusaka to multiple around the country.


Our Business Support Associates are now half way through their 12-week voluntary placement in these exciting enterprises.  Through the UK Government funded Challenges Worldwide ICS programme it is our hope that they will be able to spot opportunities and make recommendations to the business owners that will help them grow their business over the long term.

Check back for more blogs from our team working with SMEs in Lusaka.