Speaking on Pan African Radio

During our Challenges Worldwide ICS placement, all volunteers are involved in one of three committees. Working in our committee team is an opportunity to work with a different group of volunteers outside of our day to day work in our businesses.

The impact committee organises events to engage more with the wider community. The team building committee organises fun, relaxing and cultural activities for the volunteers. I am a member of the communications committee which gathers and produces content to showcase the team’s experience throughout our ICS placement.

My host home counterpart, Mzeziti, is also on the communication committee. She is passionate about raising awareness of Challenges Worldwide’s work in Zambia through radio and TV.  She asked Precious, a Zambian team leader, for her contacts in local radio.  Through one of these contacts, we secured a 1 hour Saturday morning slot on Pan African Radio! With less than two days’ notice, we got to work with preparing for our first radio interview, with the support of Team Leader Ari and the Challenges staff in Lusaka.

Pan African Radio

The audience of Pan African Radio’s Saturday morning show is the business community in Zambia. We were excited the share Challenges’ work with local small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Challenges’ have given business support to 105 local businesses so far in their work to support Zambia’s economic growth.  The radio host was particularly interested in our experience of volunteering in Zambia and the training we receive.  It was a fantastic opportunity to promote Challenges to Zambians who may get involved in the future, either as a volunteer, enterprise or host home!

Through my involvement with the committee, I have already developed my verbal communication and teamwork skills. I have had experience in delegating tasks and chairing our team meetings. My work on the Challenges Worldwide ICS communications committee has given me the valuable opportunity to contribute to different aspects of the ICS experience.  I never thought that I would have the opportunity to speak live on Pan African Radio!! 

Written by Natalie Cheung