Prosperity not Poverty

Isn’t it time we started talking about prosperity not poverty in relation to Africa?

As Challenges Enterprise Portfolio Director, I was delighted to be invited to present and join a panel discussion as part of SCVO’s The Gathering 2017 in Glasgow last week to talk about how Challenges are showcasing innovation and tech for good. In our case the emphasis on prosperity and the leapfrogging opportunity that we believe technology can play in growing African economies such as Ghana, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda where I oversee a growing portfolio of SME’s.

The Gathering is the only event of its kind in Scotland. It’s a unique opportunity for people in the third sector to meet, connect and share ideas. It’s also a great way to form new partnerships and learn from a wide range of colleagues. Since 2014 it has attracted 38,148visitors, brought together 1,452 exhibitors and delivered 548 workshop events.

It was exciting to talk to a room of engaged people about the potential for the African SMEs and future leaders we support through our programming.  Having spent the night before being bombarded with the lazy shock marketing techniques of unnamed NGOs asking for my money in relation to the famine in South Sudan, it was a perfect opportunity to challenge the common perceptions about Africa.

Since 1999, Challenges has taken an innovative approach to Enterprise development working in 40 countries around the world. This has lead to us now embracing technology fully across our enterprise and professional development work. Since 2014, we have been able to bring +300 SME into a cloud-based performance platform allowing enterprises to track and share KPIs to access trade and finance markets….

Enjoy the video! I start at 30 mins!

Watch this space for even more technology developments at Challenges and our markets but most importantly, sharing success stories.

Written by Neil Fleming