Romina – Norte Drinks

After an exciting week of at the Legon campus in Accra, the real thing is about to begin!  After an intense journey and a lot of rushing around to find the right tro tro, here I am, on Tuesday morning with my counterpart Ferdinand, finally meeting Clara, the owner of Norte Drinks. I immediately liked her and I hope she felt the same way about us. After our chat about her enterprise, I was truly impressed by her motivation and forward thinking about her business. Here’s a short summary of what my client is doing and where my counterpart and I will be working for the next three months.

Her name is Clara Norte, owner of Norte Drinks Enterprise in Accra, Ghana. She started her company 2 years ago with her own capital and a little help from her friends. She graduated the University of Ghana in 2012 and since then she had worked in TV Africa for a few years before realising she wanted something different for her future. That’s why she decided to give it a go and start her own enterprise making drinks. Her flagship product is the popular Ghanian drink called Sobolo. For most people reading this, I should expand on what Sobolo is – it is a special drink, something like an ice tea, made of hibiscus plant which is boiled and then different natural flavours are added to it. Norte Drinks makes 3 different flavours – cinnamon, lemon grass and pineapple. Clara’s products are 100% natural and she does not add any preservatives to her drinks, keeping them nice and fresh. She is also bottling and labelling her Sobolo. Apart from Sobolo, Clara prepares fresh fruit juice – orange, pineapple, watermelon and takes it to events where she’s serving – most recently a book launch in Legon Campus but many other events as well. What makes Clara different? She’s the complete one man show. She does everything herself and she does everything from 100% natural products bought locally. Her goal is to promote healthier lifestyle among Ghanians and this is a rare thing to see out here. Her forward thinking will take her places.

Overall, I’m excited to embark on this opportunity and see how things go. This is an amazing opportunity to actually see what a young entrepreneur is going through and help as much as we can. It is still week 1 but I’m positive something exciting is on its way.