Climate Action in Zambia by Helen Wright

Zambia, with its expansion of small-scale agriculture and large charcoal industry, is one of biggest greenhouse gas emitters due to deforestation*

Yesterday, two of our portfolio enterprises Shared Value Africa (SVA) and Vitalite Group Ltd organised an exhibition and discussion on climate action Zambia, aiming to catalyse the discussion on what can be done now to encourage wider access to cleaner, greener energy.

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 Having tried to introduce alternative fuels, such as wood chips and pellets, it was widely recognised by participants that there is a strong behavioural barrier to Zambians using alternative fuels, although the appetite for solar energy is growing. Along with its innovative pay-as-you-go solar home system, Vitalite was exhibiting its newest product range – EcoZoom’s range of super-efficient stoves. Another alumni enterprise and Vitalite partner, BioCarbon Partners, was exhibiting its eco-friendly charcoal product. Other participants included: iDE Zambia, who showcased its solar water pump; MUSIKA Development Initiatives; Zambian Governance FoundationFondazione Arché Onlus.


img_3133It was encouraging to see our partner organisation’s coming together to ignite discussion and action on such a major issue here in Zambia. Even better that two of our Challenges Worldwide ICS alumni: Emmanuel Mutanga and William Makubalo were involved in organising the event on behalf of their employers Vitalite and SVA. Overall the event gave me a chance to see Challenges work brought to life: enterprises and people thriving and working collaboratively towards a common goal!

By Helen Wright, Challenges Worldwide ICS Programme Manager Zambia