Meet the Team: Prince Kelly Anyomitse Programme Coordinator in Ghana

Name: Prince Kelly Anyomitse

Role: ICS Programme Coordinator

Country: Ghana

I decided to join Challenges Worldwide for two major reasons. Firstly, for the impact they were making in empowering Ghanaian businesses to a level where they are competitive on the global stage. Secondly, because they were a family or team that I was familiar with, after working as a volunteer Team Leader for three months.

Simon Turner, the Country Manager for Ghana, who I had worked with as fellow Team Leader, believed in my competence to work effectively as a staff member.

I must admit I was at a point unsure what gave him such confidence in me, but I decided to take up a role in Challenges to increase my own belief in my capabilities. It wasn’t always easy in the beginning, but Simon and the entire team in Ghana were very patient and cooperative with me in my learning stages.

If these people believed in me and could give me the opportunity to prove myself, I made a point to work to help provide opportunities for the young Business Support Associates we work with. They also prove that they can change the world by supporting enterprises and making them economically viable.

Challenges Worldwide to me represents the new experience of modern day style of work. Challenges Worldwide represents Belief, Trust and Confidence in the Youth and Ghanaian businesses, making an impact in society.