The complete thing | Accra Communications Committee

Welcome, this is ICS Challenges Worldwide Ghana –Team Accra’s first communications blog post and we want to give you an insight into this unique programme. What do we do? I here you say. Build schools, pet endangered animals or teach English in the middle of some Himalayan village? Sorry, we don’t live up to your stereotypical gap yah activities like I say we’re unique. We empower people, create and implement ideas and most importantly we give people the tools to change their own lives. Pretty cool eh?

We thought you the reader were probably quite bored of reading the same blog post about how they got called Obroni (White Man) or just tried this exotic dish called Red Red. Oh, and those really annoying, eye wateringly beautiful Instagram photos….

Labadi beach

Instead why don’t you just check out the types of business we work with and meet the people whose lives we’re changing (ourselves included).The Businesses from the small to the medium because we only work with Small to Medium Enterprises. Here’s the rest of the communications team to tell you about they’re businesses.

Emmanuel – Seladels food limited


“SELADELS FOOD LIMITED is a medium enterprise located in Afienya comm. 25. Their main core business aim is to produce quality and healthy fish and meat locally to meet international standards. They have been operating for 14 years and currently has a staff population of 23. Seladels, have over the years built a great relationships between them and their customers and that has made them currently having a ready market for their products”

Romina – Norte Drinks


“I immediately liked her and I hope she felt the same way about us. After our chat about her enterprise, I was truly impressed by her motivation and forward thinking about her business…She graduated the University of Ghana in 2012 and since then she had worked in TV Africa for a few years before realising she wanted something different for her future. That’s why she decided to give it a go and start her own enterprise making drinks. Her flagship product is the popular Ghanian drink called Sobolo”

Toyin – Froyurt 


“When it comes to taste, undoubtedly Froyurt is one of the best yoghurts I’ve personally tasted, however the ladies have contacted Challenges Worldwide in hope to build brand presence and increase market share in Ghana. They one-day hope to compete with already established probiotic brands in Ghana such as Yomi and Goghurt and more importantly, to see Froyhurt sold in big malls such as Melcom and Shoprite. They believe starting with Challenges Worldwide is the right direction to begin achieving these goals!”

Andrew – Finisure


“Most of the production was completed in the back garden of the house, where the four smiley carpenters worked hard as a team. I tried my hardest to speak clearly and not eat my words when introducing myself. My counterpart assured me in confidence that they didn’t understand a word I said. Over the next 10 weeks I hope to give myself some self-taught ‘Scottish mumble’ rehab.”

Rav – … Think I’ll let him explain this one


“As my colleagues enjoyed a very exciting first week at work, myself and my counterpart Sam were first stood up on the day we were to begin work, something we both weren’t expecting … I was full of excitement to get started for J-Nissi Enterprise, a business which specialises in hand cut sugar coated ginger chips, and it had only been running for a year and has ‘space issues’ as the enterprise summary crudely put it.”

Jack – M-JAP


“M-JAP a small company with huge ambition, dreams of exportation and a revolutionary packaging solution. There’s a lot of potential here but also a lot of recommendations to be implemented but I don’t mind I like the challenge and its satisfying helping such a motivated and enthusiastic business.”

Jay – Team Leader


“The ICS programme has a strong set of values. To me the ICS programme stands out from all other aid and development programme. The key areas that make it unique is the use and focus on youth led change and the creation of global citizens through UK volunteers working in pairs with in-country volunteers. In the short time I have been in Accra, Ghana I have seen great bonds being created and cultures shared including both (Ghanaian and UK culture nights). The ICS programme stands for change through the sharing of knowledge and aims to be sustainable where the people supported are then able to support themselves and continue sharing the knowledge further and wider (compare this to giving someone money! A process of development still used by many governments and charitable organizations).”