William Makubalo | Challenges Worldwide ICS Volunteer in Zambia, 2016

William is currently working as a Project Assistant for Share Value Africa (SVA) after his placement with Challenges Worldwide ICS as a Business Support Associate in SVA.

Where does his story fit into our Alumni story? Well, as you will know, Challenges Worldwide supports the enterprises our volunteers work in after their Challenges Worldwide ICS placement. We focus on the supply chain and how the businesses we work with sit in that chain. SVA is the sister company of Vitalite and supports Vitalite by conducting market research that will allow Vitalite to developed an informed strategic growth plan.

When asked, “Looking back, did you ever think you would end up where you are now?”,  William answered, “Definitely not”.

Like one of our Mentors, John Coffin, it is difficult to see how different points in your career connect without being able to look back. William highlights three crucial areas that he believes the Challenges Worldwide ICS programme has allowed him to develop:

• Better work ethic
• Time management
• Eye for detail
In addition to these areas, he identified the fact that his CMI training has set him on a trajectory, as the knowledge and skills he has learned will become even more useful as his career progresses. Indeed, for those that wish to follow the same path, he advises volunteers to:
• Keep and open mind
• Be ready to compromise
• Always be ready to be the best you can