Toyin – Froyurt

Days after arriving in Ghana, the exciting task of volunteers choosing which enterprise they would like to be placed in for the course of the program arrived! I was very lucky to be placed in my first choice enterprise, ‘Froyurt Yoghurt’.

A small enterprise that produces probiotic yoghurt with a variety of mouth-watering flavours! The enterprise focuses on giving Ghanaian citizens a healthy yet tasty fresh beverage. The unique range of flavours and consistent quality is what makes Froyurt yoghurt so irresistible to consumers, it goes beyond the usual vanilla and strawberry flavours as the favourites of the company are the yoghurts with fresh coconut and millet (a popular cereal in Ghana) giving a distinct taste to the Froyurt yoghurts!

A family business with joint ownership between ‘Pastor Ophelia’ and her daughter ‘Franklina’. Together, they both deal with every aspect of the business such as: production of the yoghurt, distribution, purchasing raw materials, packaging and so on! Pastor Ophelia, who takes care of production does not use any machinery at all to make the yoghurt, the entire process is completed manually and every batch is just as tasty as the last! The lengthy process lasts between 7 to 8 hours which includes intense labour. Production usually begins at 6am where everything is done in her medium sized kitchen! No factory, no machinery! Hardworking is an understatement at the Froyurt enterprise, indeed Froyurt is small but nonetheless inspiring.

When it comes to taste, undoubtedly Froyurt is one of the best yoghurts I’ve personally tasted, however the ladies have contacted Challenges Worldwide in hope to build brand presence and increase market share in Ghana. They one-day hope to compete with already established probiotic brands in Ghana such as Yomi and Goghurt and more importantly, to see Froyhurt sold in big malls such as Melcom and Shoprite. They believe starting with Challenges Worldwide is the right direction to begin achieving these goals!

By Toyin Adesoji – ICS Volunteer, Ghana 2016