Challenges Worldwide Ghana Legal Seminar

By Roger Binini

Legal framework, corporate law, employee contract, work permits, and brand protection; these were the phrases that were frequently heard at the conference room of the University of Ghana Alumni Centre. It was the 15th day of December, and the programme was the Legal Seminar organised by Challenges Worldwide Ghana for Q6 enterprise owners.


The speaker for the seminar was Mr Korieh Duodu of Bentsi-Enchill and Letsa, the legal partner for Challenges Worldwide, Ghana. Most of the owners of the enterprises for the autumn programme were in attendance, with some being represented by their volunteers. Some staff members of Challenges Ghana and some team leaders for the cycle were also present to help with facilitation.

The seminar began at 5 pm with opening remarks from Mr Kelly Anyomitse and Mr Alex Barnes, both Programme Coordinators for Challenges Worldwide in Accra. Mr Duodu then took the enterprise owners through the legal aspects of doing business in Ghana. His session touched on issues concerning the legal framework of the Ghanaian business environment, the Ghanaian corporate law, corruption, business registration and permits, employee contracts and so on. The enterprise owners got the chance to ask questions bordering foreign participation, trademarks and patents, shipping regulations, taxes and much more. Mr Duodu notably stated concerning corruption, that every business should strive to do the right thing and stay away from corrupt practices, especially if they intend to someday partner with foreign investors.

At the close of the seminar, the enterprise owners expressed satisfaction at the whole Challenges Worldwide ICS programme. They may not have had answers to all their legal concerns, but they at least were further enlightened and put on the right pedestal to deal with the legal aspects of doing business in Ghana.