Jack – M-JAP

M-JAP a small company with huge ambition, dreams of exportation and a revolutionary packaging solution. There’s a lot of potential here but also a lot of recommendations to be implemented but I don’t mind I like the challenge and its satisfying helping such a motivated and enthusiastic business.

So over the past 2 weeks I’ve been working with M-JAP – a business that sells smoked fish, honey and health drinks. Random combination or what?! Unfortunately or fortunately for me the bestselling product was the smoked fish, which made mine and my counterparts Market Research a very smelly business indeed.

So what’s so special about M-JAP?

Well Mr. Samuel Abunyah has come up with a revolutionary product that packages smoked fish into a hygienic primary and secondary packaging which stops fly’s and other insects causing the smoked fish to became insanitary which is a huge problem at these market stalls where the fish is just left out in the open, with fly’s swarming about around it.

It’s been really interesting conducting the fleet of ICS Challenges company and market analysis which has helped us structure and develop a really great insight into M-JAP. For instance looking at the Marketing Mix which Looks at Price, Promotion, Product and Place we discovered that there were issues with how the currently distributing their product. My counterpart and I are currently working on writing a recommendation to implement a new distribution channel to increase the sales of this innovative product.

One thing you should expect over on placement with Challenges Worldwide is to expect the unexpected! I hate the cliché but in terms of financial record-keeping all the businesses vary so much. One company can have no recording keeping what so ever, or like M-JAP they have all the important pieces of information but there are gaps for instance sales for 4 months last year weren’t recorded and on the opposite end of the spectrum you have businesses where they have already prepared things like cash flow statements and projections. And you don’t know till you get over here what sort of business you’re going to get.