From Accra to the “Garden City”

Challenges Worldwide are pleased to announce that from June we will be working with SME’s in Kumasi, Ghana

For the sustainable growth of Ghana, it is vital there are healthy and successful small and medium size businesses all over the country. Kumasi is the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of the region and therefore a great place for Challenges Worldwide to offer support to growing businesses by:

1. Empowering the people who start and run them
2. Upskilling the people who work for them
3. Connecting trade and investment organisations to them
4. Accrediting each step of this interrelated learning journey

We will be working closely with Kumasi Hive (an innovation hub supporting makers and entrepreneurs in Ghana to quickly prototype their ideas and develop products that can be brought to market) to identify SME’s who can benefit from key business analysis and recommendations which have the potential to lead to trade linkages and access to finance and investment.
Kumasi is home to KNUST, the country’s foremost technical university. Many of its graduates go on to found start-ups –but they move to Accra when they do so.By working together, Challenges Worldwide and Kumasi Hive hope to not only encourage and support talented young Ghanaian’s to stay in Kumasi to start their business venture, but also to ensure they are able to access the same internationally recognised backing that is available in the capital.

If you would like to give Ghanaian entrepreneurs the support they need to grow, back Kumasi Hive on Kickstarter.