The 5 Days of Professional Consulting Training

Challenges Worldwide ICS includes CMI accredited consulting training. Become a qualified consultant by completing our UK Government funded programme.

So you are probably wondering how Challenges train up and prepare their International Citizen Service (ICS) Volunteers to become Business Support Associates?

Well.. in the lead up to the Christmas holidays, we thought it would only be fitting to tell you about The 5 Days of Professional Consulting Training.

It is during this orientation week that ALL challenges Worldwide ICS volunteers, from the UK, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda or Zambia, get trained in preparation for their business placement, as well as meeting and working collaboratively with each other at a professional capacity for the first time.

Below is a break-down of the week and a few Volunteer testimonies….Queue the Ice-breakers


On the First Day of training Challenges gave to meee… (a lesson on)

Cross Cultural Living- Host Homes

-Cross Cultural Working

-Conflict Resolution

-Security, Incident Reporting and Health

-Volunteer Committees and Weekly Meetings

-Risk Assessments

Challenges Worldwide ICS volunteers training Team Leader Kampala Uganda
Challenges Worldwide ICS Volunteers receiving orientation training from their Team Leader in Kampala, Uganda.

Question: How did Challenges facilitate integrating the new group on Day 1?  


Answer: “Challenges staff ensured we got to know in country volunteers by providing us with plenty of fun ice-breakers and by ensuring that our seating arrangements were regularly being changed. People were all very friendly and excited to find out more about each other’s cultures.” -Michelle Stribley


On the Second Day of training Challenges gave to meee…  (a lesson on)

-Project Impact

-Introduction to CMI

-Challenges College

-Exploratory Meeting and Contract Development

-Data Collection

-Data Analysis

-SME Presentations

In green shirt is Adam Muhammed Muhideen, 29, Chief Technology Officer at Tro Tro Tractor, a Ghanaian tech SME connecting farmers with affordable agricultural equipment hire with Challenges Worldwide ICS volunteer Deborah Mansaxya Kakora and Elliot Hunter


Question: For many people working with data can be a daunting prospect, how did day 2 of training simplify this learning?

Answer: I  was fairly confident about working with data because of my experience at University and managing my own ventures. Training was a great as it allowed me to gain an understanding of the skills and tools required to gather and organise data in a structured manner.” -Jordan Richards


On the Third Day of training Challenges gave to meee…  (a lesson on)

-Enterprise Analysis

-PEST Analysis

-Organisational Structure

-Supply Chain Map

-SWOT Analysis

-Scavenger Hunt Around Kampala

Volunteers during their overseas placement with Challenges Worldwide in Uganda

Question: What did you gain most from the Scavenger Hunt around Kampala?

Answer: I got to visit some places i had never visited in kampala and got time to know more about some of my counterparts.” -Mark Mirembe


On the Fourth Day of training Challenges gave to meee…  (a lesson on)

-Recommendations and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

-Presentation Preparation

-Presentations to Group

-Review of Presentations

-Introduction to Implementation



-Announcement of Host Homes and Placements

-Review Risk Assessments

Challenges Worldwide ICS volunteers at a meeting in Accra, at Univercity of Ghana

Question: How did Day 4 of training help develop your teamwork skills?

Answer: “Getting to work on a challenges case study and presentation enabled us to not only practice working with a diverse group of people, but it also allowed us to practice our public speaking, organisational and presentation skills.”- Abikaye Welford


On the Fifth Day of training Challenges gave to meee… (a lesson on)



-Pitch Deck

-Review of Presentations

-Host home pick up!

Challenges Worldwide ICS volunteers at a meeting in Accra, at Univercity of Ghana

Question: How did Day 5 of training help you better understand Challenges marketplace?

Answer: I found her session to be useful, she explained it all pretty well and I’m comfortable using it to track my businesss’ progress.” -Aban Mohamud


Challenges Worldwide ICS is a UK Government funded programme for young people from the UK, Ghana and Rwanda. It is open to 18 – 25 year olds who want to play a role in positive economic development.

We are now recruiting for our April – June placement. Visit for more information

Aplication deadline is 31st of January, 2018.

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