Challenges Worldwide encouraged me to always work to create the most impact

Before joining the Challenges Worldwide ICS programme I was working at Ngali holding under the Decentralization Fees Collection Project. DFC project is a partnership between Ngali Holdings and the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) who have commissioned Ngali to be the sole collector of fees owed to the various districts of Rwanda. During my work at DFC Project, I happen to know information about Challenges Worldwide and that it was going to open up this door is Rwanda. I decided to quit my job as I was looking for something that involves young people and make a great impact.

During my Challenges Worldwide ICS placement I was working with a company called Kigali Farms, which works to help fight chronic malnutrition by providing the foundation of a sound mushroom industry, allowing mushrooms to become a meaningful part of the Rwandan diet.
Challenges Worldwide volunteer making impact in Kigali Farms, Rwanda

Working with Kigali Farms has been a life changing experience. I had some business experience but not in consulting. After receiving training in Professional Consulting, my counterpart, Caitlin, and I were able to recommend some short and long-term recommendations from leadership, organisation and staff to product/services processing. We were able to notice the difference we were making thanks to the uplifting feedback we were getting from our enterprise owner – and the fact that they would seek further business growth support from Challenges after the programme confirms that they saw value in our work.

With all the transformative work done, I hope and believe that Kigali Farms will continue to grow and expand at a reasonably consistent pace. More importantly, their operations will keep growing and we are hoping that some of the projects we managed to implement will still be growing and make a remarkable impact to the enterprise and the communities that Kigali Farms serve.

Most social enterprises can’t afford the cost of consultancy and I think this is one of the greatest impact that Challenges Worldwide does with their unique delivery of the ICS programme. By opening a door for enterprises to establish proven systems and structure which will help them scale up both in the short-term and along term will stimulate sustainable growth for the enterprise, thus contributing to our economic growth.

The Challenges Worldwide ICS Programme has encouraged me to be flexible, task-minded and always work to create the most impact. Only that baring the thought in mind that Challenges Worldwide consulting experience unlocks some other potential / competence that one would not otherwise exhibit if they never have got the opportunity, as a result I got employed by Challenges Worldwide in Rwanda as a Programme Assistant where I am helping the Staff Team in Rwanda to deliver the ICS Programme on behalf of the UK Government.

In a few months I hope to have acquired more qualifications through Challenges Worldwide especially the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification in Professional Consulting so that I have internationally recognised accreditation for my work.

Written by Emmanuel Kwizera

Former Business Suppor Associate, Kigali, Rwanda – 2017


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