Andrew – Finisure

I was initially quite apprehensive about meeting the staff on my first day at the business due to the fact that being Scottish, even some of the Ghanaian students studying English could not understand anything coming out my mouth. Regardless, I still ventured there on day 1.

Being ‘apparently’ the closest business to our host home, myself and Isaac thought it would be a walk in the park. Instead it turned into 3 mile walk along dirt roads and meandering around village houses getting ‘obromi’ yelled at me, which means white man. In all honesty it was a great experience and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Top tip: Do not take suede shoes to Ghana, they will not stay clean for more than two minutes walking on the dust concealed road.

After almost 2 hours we eventually found our way to the workplace. Not what I expected. We were led through the gates of a large house and taken into a very nice, clean furnished room. The company owner was in a rush so we didn’t get much time to talk. Instead we were approached by his younger brother, who was very polite and friendly offering us water and ice on our arrival. This was a great gesture and instantly I felt very comfortable being there. After a quick introduction and discussion about challenges, we were given a tour around the work facility. Most of the production was completed in the back garden of the house, where the four smiley carpenters worked hard as a team. I tried my hardest to speak clearly and not eat my words when introducing myself. My counterpart assured me in confidence that they didn’t understand a word I said. Over the next 10 weeks I hope to give myself some self-taught ‘Scottish mumble’ rehab. From a close observation of the team and their work it was evident that they were all very talented and hard working. The final products that they showed us after were of a very high standard. Before we left myself and Isaac got a photo with the team of carpenters. This was a nice momentum of the first day and helped to ensure a good first impression.

Me da se xx